03 February 2014

Snapshots of the new apartment!

Over the past few months, my mom and I have been preparing to move from our house to a smaller apartment. We've lived in our current house for 13 years, but in order to prepare for my big move down to California after I graduate, we felt that it'd be good to downsize early. 

This weekend I painted the walls of my room, and my mom's room, in our new place! Sora came over and helped me finish up the ceiling and trim (thank you soooo much!!) as well as taping down my mom's room to prep for painting as well. We got so much done -- now all that's left is to start moving in furniture!

The color is the same as my current room - Paris Mint in a satin finish. :) Pastel green is my favorite color, and pastel green + white is my favorite color combo. I really love the look of the light wood trim and doors against the green and white. 
Our living room!

My new babies ♥ Ever since I watched Natsuyuki Rendezvous, and largely due to my love for terrariums, I've been wanting to cultivate my own family of succulents. Very exciting!!

In lieu of the city's high spirits for the Super Bowl, and the smell of BBQ wafting every which way, the three of us went out for AYCE kbbq. We found a place that my mom's been meaning to try out, and we were pleasantly surprised by how amazing it was!! The meat was so flavorful, and they gave a LOT (between the three of us, even though we were starvvvving, we couldn't finish @__@). It's definitely a place we'll go to more often.

I think I have 3 posts involving a kbbq lunch/dinner now... I could eat it every day if it wasn't so expensive haha! I swear I don't go as often as it looks.... 

After Sora went to go to work, my mom and I continued painting her room, all the while listening to the commons area outside for cues on how the game was going (we don't have our TV in the new apartment yet). Seahawks won 43-8! So crazyyyyy! Our neighborhood was filled with fireworks, screaming, and a lot of happy drunk people walking on the sidewalks, it was so fun! hahaha.

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