04 February 2014

Simple joys.

Breakfast is my favorite meal-type of the day -- but during the weekday I hardly get a chance to eat breakfast foods in the morning (I usually make breakfast for lunch, and more often than I'd like to admit I'll make breakfast for dinner, too). Today was a slow and sunny morning, despite being my most hectic homework day. I'd have to say my cooking skill is around the Novice level, maybe only lvl 10... My egg dish repertoire is probably the most extensive out of all the dishes I know how to make, haha. (is that because breakfast foods are my favorite? Youuu betcha...) This morning I was trying to think of ways to liven up my scrambled eggs and hot dog slices, and then I remembered this salt blend I picked up a few months back!

Salt and I have a very happy relationship. It makes anything and everything taste good, and it helps keep my blood pressure balanced. It's easy to get creative with salt -- garlic salt, onion salt, sea salt... but then there's Beautiful Briny Sea's artisan salt blends. Beautiful Briny Sea's salt products blend certified organic herbs with hand-harvested ocean salts. When Kent and I went to last summer's Urban Craft Uprising, I decided to buy some of their salt blends for my mom. I fell in love with their Truffle blend, but being the poor college student I am, I decided to go with French Picnic -- my second favorite. French Picnic is a blend of sea salt, dijon mustard, garlic, and herbes de provence (thyme, lavender, pink peppercorn, parsley).

At first I wasn't sure what to use salt blends for, as there seemed to be so many ingredients in it (I'm terrible at cooking, and have the cooking intuition/sense of a stray dog), but when I asked the folks at the booth they assured me it goes on literally anything. And it does! It goes great on steak, mixing with a dry rub, and as a way to spice up some scrambled eggs. 

And of course, a hot cup of coffee. :) I'd have to say Maxim Mocha Gold instant coffee is my favorite, as it's travel-friendly and super easy to make (just add hot water!). Although, I also add an embarrassing amount of coffee creamer.... and caramel syrup..... sometimes topping it off with whipped cream and another drizzle of caramel syrup... at that point, it kinda stops being coffee I guess.


  1. i've actually learnt something; there's more than 1 type of salt, haa!
    La Mode D'Emm

    1. Hahaha yayy! I'm glad :) flavored salts really help add to a dish in a much simpler way (though you do have to be careful not to add too much.. LOL!)