09 February 2014

Senior Collection

Yesterday and today I've been stuck inside working on homework for my menswear class
Patterned denim has been trending lately, so I wanted to make the vest with a statement fabric in my first look. I fell head over heels for this dark denim, because it has a gold embossed print on it. To me, it seemed like a fairly neutral print for an androgynous collection - so I'm hoping to go back and buy some more yards to incorporate it in my other pieces. This will be part of my senior thesis -- which I'm both nervous and ecstatic about finally patterning and sewing. Wish me luck! More photos to come.

Slaving away at the pattern... patterning and math is not my strength, and I realize this, but it would be nice to not always mess up on the smallest (but most crucial) parts! Gah! I really enjoy patternmaking, but I'm realizing time and time again that I'm not a detail + precision-oriented person. My strength is in the overall look, which is difficult because the clothes I enjoy designing have a lot of pattern pieces to them.

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