09 February 2014

Like thunder gonna shake the ground.

It snowed last night!! Ahhh! Unfortunately it's already melting, but I managed to snap some photos this afternoon. :)

Despite the snow, I still wear skirts! hahaha thank goodness for insulated + thick tights :) I really love messenger bags, but because of my preferred length of skirts and dresses, they always ride up on one side. When I'm walking up and down downtown I constantly have to pull the hem back down (thank goodness for safety shorts LOL!) This is also my favorite scarf -- I bought it in the men's section of H&M a few years back. It's the warmest scarf I own, and it's super long! When I get too warm I just sling it around my bag's strap.

When I worked at F21, we had a mini-fashion show to showcase our new stock. It was a super fun bonding experience with my coworkers, because we got to sit around and guess which zone we were modeling.  This sweater was part of the outfit I modeled, and I liked it so much that I decided to get it. It's a 3/4 sleeve, but the material really helps keep you warm.

If you've noticed from my last OOTD post, I'm a girl with Big Curly Hair. One of the biggest reasons I have had short hair for the past 5-6 years is because mUnstraightened, my hair has super curly curls -- but it has to be air-dried in a certain way. One day in summer, I woke up with really beautiful fluffy curls (I call it my lion's mane), and ever since then I've been trying to achieve those curls -- but I couldn't remember what I did to get my hair to dry that way! And then last night, I took a shower late and slept with my hair a bit damp (I know that's the quickest way to get sick, but I was so tired!) and viola! I woke up with the same curls as that one day in summer. My roots are growing out so much, though, and it looks worse with my curly hair, so I'm hoping to get them redone sometime soon.

This dusty pink skirt I bought on my trip to Seoul at the COEX mall. It's a pleated A-line that goes just above the knee, but I like to pin it just a bit higher on my waist. :)

Another snow essential for me: Leather/pleather gloves! The lining of my gloves have the same feel as my sweater, so it warms up my hands very fast, and stays warm. :) Perfect for a commuter, though I wish it had smart finger tips -- I have to take my gloves off to use my ipod brrrrrrrr.

Outfit Details

F21 Grey Toggle Coat
F21 3/4 Brown Sweater
The Shew Dusty Pink Pleated Skirt
Drugstore Tights
BANDOLINO Black Wedge Heels
COACH Messenger Bag
H&M Marled Grey Scarf
F21 Beaded & Feather Gold Necklace
ToFebruary Bow Ring
Thinsulate Black Leather Gloves

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