26 January 2014

Woodland Park Zoo reminiscing

Every now and then (or, well, maybe every day...) I love flipping through my catalogue of photos I've taken over the years and reminisce about the things I've captured. Lex over at Robot Nights surprised me with a copy of Adobe Lightroom 4 for my birthday (thank youuuuu ;~; seriously what even!) and I've been spending all my free time organizing my photos and getting the hang of how to best utilize it for efficient post-processing. It takes a lot of getting used to, but it's ridiculously fun learning new things. While I was synching my entire collection of photos (over 40k photos, omg), I came across a folder I made back in 2010 for a summer day trip to the Woodland Park Zoo with a couple of friends. There were a lot of photos I really loved, so I decided to re-edit them (though using CS5 still. :) )

Can you tell what my favorite exhibit is? haha!
I think there's a term for light filtering through the space between leaves, but I like calling them sun freckles hehe.

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