19 January 2014

Skin writing

Due to a crazy allergic reaction to a spray dye I used on a costume I worked on over the span of a week, my (very sensitive) skin developed dermatographism. This is a condition where light pressure on my skin creates a very itchy, red, raised welt in the shape of whatever was pressed, scratched, or rubbed against it. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it except take antihistamines every day for a month or so. It can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks, and even just wearing jewelry on my wrists or holding a fork to eat causes welts. It's ridiculous, and kind of scary -- but I saw my chain bracelet make a cool design on my wrist, and being the curious artist that I am, I grabbed a pencil and (VERY LIGHTLY) made a few designs on my arm for fun. It'll go away in an hour or so, but I thought it looked kinda cool so I took pictures of it. Maybe that's super weird of me, but it was kinda fun! hahaha

To be honest, I definitely wouldn't draw on my skin again willingly because afterwards it was very painful -- my skin was burning, itching, and I wanted to cry HAHAHA. I've always been a fan of white ink tattoos, and tribal tattoos in general, so this will probably be as close as I get to having those. :) I'll let you guys know how my skin's healing process goes after time!

UPDATE (02.03.14): As of today, my skin has significantly healed, and I no longer feel the pressing (ha) need to take antihistamines. My skin still creates welts when it's scratched, or if I'm rubbing my arms on fabric (like when I'm working on schoolwork and sewing), but it's a significantly less severe reaction as before. I'm so relieved that it's healing very well, because my dermatologist was worried about the possibility of it lasting forever :(! I'm hoping my skin makes a full recovery within the next few weeks, but I still have to avoid handling dyes for the duration of the healing process (which is just time...)

UPDATE (03.01.14): I forgot which day it happened, but I realized sometime ago that I no longer felt any pain from wearing clothes, and my skin stopped welting completely. I'm so happy! But I'm still scared of using the spray dye haha! Oh well, in time. We'll see if I try it again - this time with a thorough rinse and a much better-ventilated area. :)

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