18 January 2014

California Day 3: Beverly Hills

Our last installment of photo days ended in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Dr. We finally managed to drag ourselves outside during non-Vampire hours and headed North! The cool thing about going to all these places is that I'm (finally) learning the SoCal map. :)
Took some test shots in front of the sun!

After a few failed attempts to find parking, we ended up using the (very confusing) parking garage near the Montage Hotel. As soon as we exited the elevators, we were blown away by the courtyard! @___@ it was so fancy!!

This place is perfect for really fancy dinners and events ahhh!
Still learning! 

We made our way down Rodeo (to which Lex pointed out is Roh-DAY-yoh and not Row-dee-Yoh e.e. Many moments where I pronounced street and city names in the most touristy way possible.)
There were a lot of wonderful opportunities to catch the light for photos but a lot of the ones I took came out blurry :( it's hard to tell with the contacts I have right now. I need to buy new ones in the right prescription.

Explored all over! There was this super fancy guy whose car had a trunk in the very front! It was crazyyyy. Straight up Batmobile swag..

Walked down some side roads to find a place to eat, where we settled on CPK.
My nailsssss so chipped from sewing all the time :(!
We instantly regretted eating so much bread before our pizza came, hahaha whyyy!
Lex got pepperoni and mushroom pizza, while I ordered the roasted artichoke + spinach!

After dinner, we grabbed Starbucks and headed towards Hana's houseeee. Killed time by driving around and looking at all the crazy mansions *^* so coooool. The road overlooked the coast so we stopped to look at the city lights across Redondo Beach I thinkk, and tried to take photos of the moon and stars (so difficult! Hehe).
Snapped a few photos one last time!

 Outfit Details

UNIQLO Wool Blended Duffle Coat
BAIMOMO White Patterned Dolman Sleeve Top
F21 Denim Shorts
MEPHISTO Oxfords (Thrifted) 

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