03 January 2014

ALA Progress: Wang Yuanji from DW8

Progress for Yuanji has kicked into high gear -- I just bought all my materials last night and have been sewing like crazy to finish by Sunday ahhhh!!!

Here're some shots I took of the wig! The base is actually a (fairly innacurate) wig for a Love Live! character, but the color and length just looked so perfect for Yuanji... I couldn't resist once I saw this one!

I'm trying a new technique in dyeing where I use a COLORTOOL Spray (which you can find more info here). It's exciting, because brocade is nearly impossible to dye, and dye well. With the colorspray, the different materials in the fabric and embroidery react differently with the spray -- creating this awesome effect where the embroidery retains a decent amount of luster. :D

A WIP shot of the jacket, pre-sewn side seams!! See you guys at ALA soon!!

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