25 October 2013

Happy Halloween from Kiki's Delivery Service!

Just a quick post. This year I dressed up as Kiki from Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service. :) It's one of my favorite Ghibli movies (which I guess isn't saying much, because they're all my favorite to some degree....) Sorry for the grainy photos, I didn't have time to take them with my DSLR ahhh!
I ended up using a pattern I had bought for a class project previously, and added to the side seams to give the dress more volume. I regret not making it more like a circle-skirt so I could twirl in it, but maybe I'll remake it later... The bow was handmade with leftover red fabric and interfacing! I'll make a DIY post about it soon! :) I'm really happy I was able to use this wig last-minute, but I wish it wasn't so shiny and... bowl-cut style hahaha. It kinda adds its own charm I suppose.
Simple makeup. :) 
I'm wearing my EOS New Adult Browns in all of these photos but they look grey for some reason! I love the look, though. Can't wait to order my new grey contacts. :D!