18 August 2013

Meeting up with friends for a local fair

Last weekend was an annual fair going on in our city, so a few of our friends came out to walk around and check out the booths/rides. Being the broke college students we are, we didn't go on any of them or buy anything except for food hahahaha. But it was sure nice to go outside in the sun and walk for a bit. :)
I really love the look and romantic idea of ferris wheels, but I have the worst fear of heights... so I'm usually screaming or crying while riding them....
It was so sunny! Too sunny for the lens I brought!

The strawberry lemonade was so so good.
Liz and I are in the process of dying our hair really light, so this is the first stage of her ombre process! So cool!

All of us went over to Nhat's house and marathoned the first episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin since Jordan hadn't seen the series yet. Now he's hooked too, and we all talk about it with each other hahahaha. Headed over to Khoa's house and hung out chatting, marathoned Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 (worst idea ever... why did I watch gahhhhhhhhh) and ate ribs and baked potatoes. u v u It's been awhile since a bunch of us got together, so it was really nostalgic~~

Khoa's backyard has leveled up since the last time I visited... he's got these gorgeous pink lilies ;a; danggg.
Uh... but back to watching PA 3 & 4 being the worst idea ever, I ended up trying to exhaust myself into sleeping without thinking about scary stuff, but that only gave me sleep paralysis and a nightmare LOL I woke up screaming in the middle of the night and had to stay awake for awhile with the lights on ;~; I was chatting with a friend until I finally dozed off and was able to sleep properly... I hate scary movies so much.

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