09 August 2013

Lavender Hair!

Oops, back from midterms. Surprisingly.... I had almost none! They were replaced, instead, by two-three week long projects. Summer quarter is pretty weird, but I'm so thankful that it's the least stressful... Last week I touched up my roots and dyed my hair lavender with Chong and Liz! We ended up having to bleach my hair three times (the third time was only on the roots) to get it nearly white, and then dyed it lavender using ion's Lavender semi-permanent dye. It ended up taking us nearly 13 hours start to finish because we were both doing our hair... and we finished at 4:30AM the following morning. @__@ It was intense.
(L to R: Shimmer Lights shampoo, Ion 40vol developer, Ion Lavender semi-perm Dye, Silk Elements Olive conditioner)
This is my first time using Shimmer Lights, and while it doesn't dry out my hair into a mess of knots like Generic shampoo, I feel like it's not as effective/strong as the Generic brand... I don't need to use as much Olive conditioner after rinsing though.
These are the next night, after I trimmed my hair! The sides were messed up but what can you do ahhh.

Overall super super in love with the color and very pleased with the outcome. Unfortunately my color palette is severely limited, so I'm not sure how long I'll keep it... After 3 washes the whole front part has faded to grey! gahh. The back is still very purple though, so I might redye, but I wonder if I should go back to a more natural color... I'm not good with a lot of maintenance hahaha.

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