17 April 2013

Wing Luke Museum field trip

My Current Designers class took a small field trip to the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience over in Chinatown. There we saw the "Fashion: Workroom to Runway" exhibition, which featured garments by Jason Wu, Vera Wang, Luly Yang, and many others.

Seperate from that, however, was this particular installation -- which is iconic of the museum.

Kent joined me on this field trip, and we spent a good while just sitting on a bench staring at this installation, quiet and contemplative. It felt like we were transported to a Miyazaki movie, with a soft audio of waves and birds playing from hidden speakers.

We walked through the many immigrant exhibits, ranging from Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, India, and much more.

In display cases were architectural models of what WWII Japanese-American internment camps looked like.

The exhibit was very beautiful and, naturally, very somber. After we finished, Kent told me about one of his favorite parks he found. One where cherry blossoms exploded all around a concrete path, so we climbed, and climbed, and climbed up the hills of Chinatown to see it.

Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms were already gone :P but it was pretty nonetheless.

We got an interesting view of the city, being so high up the hill. Seeing the view from so high up really inspired me, and was a great way to end the day. We walked back down to order food with my mom, who dropped Kent off at his place, and headed home.

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