08 January 2013

Con Report: Anime Los Angeles 2013


As per usual on early flights (I only seem to ever book 6AM flights....), I couldn't sleep beforehand so I pulled an all-nighter and spent the whole flight dozing in and out of consciousness. Once I got to the airport, Julia and Mike happened to be moving into their new house the same day!!! So while they were packing up/getting everything situated I waited at the airport with my HD full of anime and manga and free wi-fi hehehe. I was glad the airport had AC, because I hate Cali weather with a burning passion.... I was definitely not fit to be born there.

Julia picked me up with cookies, and we met her landlord (who thought I was her mom ;__________; WHY) before hauling stuff into the newwwwwww place! It was soooo pretty -- the light hit every single place in the room jeez! I hope I can snag a place like it, cause it was so nice.....

Since I was on the verge of passing out, Julia set me up in their walk-in closet to sleep so I wouldn't be in the way of them unpacking. It worked out perfectly, cause I think I passed out until 6PM....................

yeahhhhhhhhhh room fit for a king.

After I woke up, we made a ton of cosplay/food runs and started working on finishing up our costumes! Uh, because of me... being dumb.. and going on a retreat right beforehand, I had a lot of work left to do... 
But ahh, the night was young and much work was finished, so it wasn't so bad!


Woke up early, packed everything up, and headed out to the con -- which was really really closeby, iirc hahaha. There was a huge hassle getting our room ready because there just was NO space at all for everyone's luggage, so we grabbed our costumes while our room was getting prepped, and put on our stuff in the bathroom LOL. Someone asked me for a photo beforehand but I was literally holding my dress in my hands and wearing only my bloomers and my Sakura wig ;__; sorryyyyy, but that would've been such a weird photo....

At this point I think we walked around for a bit until our room was ready, I got my badge at some point, and then we headed up to put our stuff safely awayyy.
Julia and Victoria, making a lovely cameo appearance HOWEVER BRIEF IT WAS BECAUSE SHE WAS LEAVING SOON FOR HER GRANDMA'S BIRTHDAY ;~; 
Our poolside balcony view! So niceeeeee.
We took a quick break to do some photos, because the lighting was reeeeally nice ;o;
 Julia had me literally rolling around all over the bed trying to warm up for photos. It'd been a few months since I last cosplayed, and it'd been even longer since Julia had last taken cosplay photos LOL so we were just messing around trying to get something nice.
This one turned out reaaaally nice though ;w; it's my favorite. My skin was doing really well this con, all those green tea/yogurt facials helped a lot ;o; and being stuck in a cabin in the mountains during a snowstorm with no power for a trip was probably good for my skin too maybe  
After photos, we decided to roam around the lobby to take pictures of cool cosplays/find friends!
Sooooooooooooo amazing *_____* 
Danbo!!!! My face looks so square ahhh hahahaha.
 I couldn't capture them all because there was a HUGE swarm of people ahhsdjkhskjfghsdjf I regretted bringing only my 50mm at this point Q___Q
Yachannnnnnnnnn ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!
UNFORTUNATELY VICTORIA HAD TO LEAVE PRETTY EARLY ON to catch her flight. ;__; it's always so sad that we can only see each other once or twice a year, but such is college life!!
We retired pretty early, I think. There was mostly just cosplay workings, Hana and Vicky came to visittttttt!!! They unfortunately witnessed us making poop curry..... brown rice is really hard to make right............... 


THIS MORNING JEANINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WAS HEREEEEE. As a ridiculously adorable Tomoyo _(:3 J L)_ ldhfjgdfljg. 
We decided to take some shots on the balcony again before heading back down!! These photos taken.... by Julia... and Jeanine.... I THINK... AHHH.
werkin it
Julia ran into some of her friends and I asked for a shot with one of them. HTTYD is one of my fav movies ;w; Hiccuuppppppppp
whoooooo is that girl I see
staring straight
back at me
ran into Brettchan-san
Kidddddddddddd! From Bastion! 
This Sakura's cosplay was so adorable ughhhhh the scallop trim on the tiered skirt was ;__; ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm so tall why
Either her friend made the costume or it was commissioned, she wasn't sure but it WAS AMAZING. The detailing, the perfectly straight seamwork and biastape. yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. That's been one of my dream Sakura outfits, and hopefully someday I'd like to make it too! I have to save my money for my senior collection though... sigh! ♥__♥ (also the Disney princesses in the back were gorgeous!! I wish I'd gotten their photo but ahhhh there were always a ton of people around them... it's hard with my dress hahaha) also shirtless hairy suspenders man.
After making our rounds we went back to the room and threw off our costumes! hahaha
Wore some clothes with my wig out for a little jaunt around the hotel. 
Sat and talked with some friends and had a good time while Julia and Jeanine went out to party hop! Vicky, Hana, and Ren were all there iirc (or was it yesterday??) and we hung out for a bit!! I also finally met Tim in person for the first time ever and it was really great ;w; !!! He's super nice and ahhhhh man a looooooooong long time ago I asked him how he made his Brera suit and I'd always wanted to cosplay Brera, but in the end I decided that plugsuits for boys don't really fit my bodytype and didn't make it :c... I'll just get someone else to wear one HAHAHA.
Somewhere around this time we went to In-n-Out and had girltalk????? I think???? I remember I was offered free In-n-Out fries from a friend's friend in the lobby but I don't remember if I took them....

SO AFTER TAKING PHOTOS, Julia went to check out parties while Jeanine and I relaxed in the hotel, watching Inazuma Eleven while I sewed. After awhile I decided to take my makeup off, but I was washing off only half of it and singing "Reflection" with Jeanine (because obviously) when we hear a banging on the door. Thinking it was Julia or Mike I opened it, WITH MY MAKEUP HALF ON, and this big hulkin white dude is at the door. His eyes are bloodshot and he's REALLY TALL and all of a sudden he starts shouting "WHERE'S JULIA? MIKE NEEDS TO TALK TO HER" and I'm at the door really scared because WHO IS THIS GUY??? so I like meekly tell him she's not here and I don't know where she is and he tries to come inside and IDK what to do and Jeanine doesn't know what to do but he eventually runs away somewhere and it was REALLY SCARY CAUSE HE LOOKED REALLY MAD AND AHHHHH LOL. I wash off the rest of my makeup and eventually HE COMES BACK but this time Mike is there and I think Julia comes by too and they explain that that was Dad and it was just really crazy hahaha. Drunk people scare me ;~;
Craziness dying down and whatnot, it was lights out for us! 


Checked out of our hotel right on time, but we were still staying for a few hours! Waddled along with them to the Gintama shoot down by the pool!!
SPOTTED ITSUKAAAA BUT WAS TOO SHY TO SAY HI so here is evidence of our somewhat-missed encounter... we would later FINALLY meet in person at AX, after being internet buddies since... I think 2008???? Through cosplay.com, LJ, DA, tumblr, and finally facebook wowowow hehehe. Thank you for putting up with my angsty LJ period and also I'm sorry... omg.
yare yare look at my kouhais being so adorable I feel like a parent watching their first-born children at a school play. BBs ;a;
Super handsome bunch ;a; beautiful people all of them ahhh

Wrapped up the con on a good note and so Mike, Julia, Jeanine, and I headed out forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
yare yare
Filled with friendship and delicious AYCE meat, we took a moment in brief to admire the array of colors in the skies above. Or maybe just me.
Julia and Mike took us to a really awesome boba place as well before we headed back to their house!


Julia had school or work or something, so Jeanine and I were dropped off by the LA museum of art for a museum date! hehehe we stopped by Chipotle and Five Guys first. :)
In the end we decided to just walk around the free paths of the museum and walk through the nearby park! It had dinosaur things in it, so cool. ;__; !!!
It was really awesome just catching up with Jeanine and talking about whatever came to mind ahhhhhhhh. ;__; I think this was one of the first times we'd had a one-on-one heart-to-hearto talk too?! Much friendship bonding was had u v u 
Took the bus down to Lette macarons to grab a set for Julia and Mike!!!
Walked around some more since we were waiting for Julia to get off school/work, window-shopped all over the place! :3
Pancake-decorated cake. RIKKI.
Got some froyosss!
Julia swung by and picked us up! :3 Once we got back to the house we all just chilled on our laptops and played music and enjoyed each other's company~~ edited photos, watched dumb youtube videos... our lives together in a nutshell hahaha.

Day 5 (01.07.13)

It was time for me to go ;w; my last day in Cali for my ALA trip wahhhhhhh. Got some froyo again with Jeanine LOL
y'all don't know how I stack my froyo. Strawberry everything. Gummy bears forever.
Flight was the yooj, mom picked me up from the airport and we got Popeye's chicken! THENNNN I WENT HOMEEEEEE AND GUESS WHATTTTTTTTT. My sunflowers grew while I was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I planted those seeds I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER BUT IT FELT LIKE YEARS AGO and when I saw them, they were sooo tall and beautiful and huge and they were right in front of my window!! My mom said it was like they were welcoming me home from my long trip and ughhh. I'm so sentimental lol cause I thought the same thing.... sobbb

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