11 November 2012

New sweater + blondeee!

H&M's men's section has the best sweaters, I swear. Despite being "slightly" bitter about the poor quality and thickness in women's sweaters in most fast-fashion stores, H&M is a sigh of relief to me -- at least their menswear is. To be completely honest, I'm not even sure if I have a single piece of clothing from H&M's womenswear. 

Long-lasting, durable quality with a loose silhouette is the most important for me, so when I saw H&M was having a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale on their sweaters, I snagged two for myself!

Of the two, this is my absolute favorite. It's slouchy, comfy, and great as its own -- no need to layer to make an outfit! Not pictured is the second sweater I bought, a cream-colored sweater with tan elbow patches. There wasn't a smaller size, so the elbow patches fall more around mid-forearm, gah! Oh well....

I got my hurrr did the other day by my friend!! This marks the first time I've bleached my hair to blonde -- and oh my gosh I loveeeee it! These webcam photos more or less illustrate just how happy I was with the results (dumb goofy grins haha!) .

tryina be kawaii
It's suuuuuper poofy right now but by tomorrow morning it'll settle into my usual haircut, haha!

Outfit Details

H&M Nordic Print Maroon Sweater
Thrifted Ivory Cable-knit Cardigan
F21 Feather + Beaded Gold Necklace
Gifted Layered Necklace

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