19 August 2012

Idaho Business Trip

In all my years, I'd actually never stepped foot into Idaho until this business trip came up! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enjoy a lot of it due to getting very, very sick. :( Spent a good two days sleeping and rewatching Hayao Miyazaki's From Up On Poppy Hill (one of my Top 5 favorite movies of all time!), as I was completely bedridden, only getting up to crawl around on my face to various points of interest haha. The days I WAS able to work, though, were very enjoyable.

We had a very beautiful view, and a lot of light poured into our room. :) Which means... DELICIOUS FOOD PHOTOS.

Registration went as usual. It's always entertaining getting to know our clients, and I'm still learning everyone by names and faces put together, but I have a lot of fun working on these events! Especially getting so many opportunities to try out new hotels/resorts and hotels/resort foods. ;)

After the meeting dinner, we had a small treat for the attendees, both young and old! hehe

The trip flew by very quickly (mostly due to me being sick and sleeping through at least half of it) but there's a lot of beauty in resort escapes, quiet 2-hour drives through rural towns and flatlands + mountain ranges, and just travelling to new places one wouldn't otherwise think to go.

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