18 November 2011

Discovery Park III: Autumn's overcast

Today was a relatively quiet hike with Nathan and Nhat. We decided to go to Discovery Park again, as it's so large that we haven't been to every part of it. Once again, the search for the big tree is on our minds.

It's amazing how drastic sound changes in the cold months. Everything is hushed, muted, and sometimes there's almost a complete absence of echo in November. The only sounds we could hear were the leaves crunching under our feet, and my staggered, asthmatic breaths as the morning woke up.

We started out by the parking lot near the military base, so it was a lot easier for us to get to the meadows this time.

We took a rest stop here to talk about our future plans, notably Nhat's dream to build a boat that isn't made out of duct tape and leftover wood.

Spotted some wild bunnies!

Around here, we came across a pretty big tree, but I have no idea if it was THE tree. I only brought my macro lens, so I couldn't capture any of it to show... 

The trees over here were sooo orange and yellow.

I dream about it sometimes. That tree we saw and the tree from when I was little. Was that it? Was that all? My child self remembered it as this great ol' wise thing, so I can't say for sure... maybe that's life.

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