07 July 2011

Con Report: Anime Expo 2011

Hello!!! Updating my AX con report from my family's home in Cali. What a crazy con!! hahaha. This was the first time Chong flew with me alone, so it was very exciting for the both of us. :)


Caesar salad and clam chowder! Yummmm. *q* 

We got to our gate, ready to get on our plane when... surprisingly... we had to walk outside to get to it!!! On the tarmac!!!!

WHAT A TINY PLANE WAHHH! It was a 2-seater, rather than the usual 3-seater, so it was ridiculously compact on the inside! We were a little bit nervous and amazed but it was exciting nonetheless!

Landed! Ugh, the sun is so... @__@;;;; 

After getting picked up by my cousin, we hung out with my family and gathered our things for Day 1 - tomorrow!!


Since my cousin was a volunteer staffer at AX this year, Chong and I drove with him eaaaaaaaaarly in the morning (like 5 or 6AM!!!), getting our cosplays ready in the car LOL!

It was a grand experience but we managed to do it hahaha. Thankfully our cosplays were so simple! Since we weren't staff, we had to walk to the con center. Which, you know, everyone always says is "just a short walk" but it never is............................

Signs of hope! You can see the giant AX billboard at the bottom :)!

WE FORGOT HOW HOT LA IS DURING AX (and year-round) UGHHHHH. So we were totally dying from how warm our costumes were, and our walk LOL! guh.

Awkwardly got our photo taken before we could put eyeliner on LOL!!

People were already milling about! The AC felt amazinggggg.


Finding solace in what few spaces of cooling air we came across...

Madoka boys! hahaha

Lots of Mikumiku sponsored cars and models! This was the year AX was hosting a Live Miku concert featuring holograms... sooo crazy! We didn't get tickets for it, but our roommates went!!

The tiny pokeballs were so cute! hahaha

Naturally, we had to get our fav refreshing drink LOL... 

window selfies!

My friend Jordan loveeeeeeeeeeeeeees Assassin's Creed so I had to ask these guys for photos!!! hahahaa they were super nice, and their costumes were amazing!!


There's this spot we always like to go to and people-watch, ever since we found it during AX 2010 haha. It's fun!

Vesperia cosplayyyyys *o* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

ahhhh my wig was kinda gross in this LOL! I fixed it later...

Resting and people-watching again!

Their yukatas were sooo pretty gah! I want to own one someday ;-;


We followed him to snap a picture! It was soooo goood!!!

This Sora was so handsome ;v; gah!!!


We walked around some more and rested outside in the shade (it's so hot... LOL...........) 

Then we stumbled across a Sailor Moon photoshoot going on! 

Ahhhh!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

She was really cute! hehehe. Marta from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World!


FFXII *o* !

Hoshi!!! I still need to catch up on Arakawa...

Very beautiful Kaito and Len cosplays!

GAHHHH TRI-EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my dream costumessss ;o;!!!!!!!!!!!

Chong briefly fell asleep kekekekekekeke

Our roommates Julia, Jeanine, and Victoria made it to the con, so we headed over to the JW and checked in to our room *o* !!!

omggggg IT WAS SO BIG

We ended up all pitching in for a suite!!

amazing ahhhhhh

The view sucked but LA isn't exactly... pretty around here so LOL....
Took off my jacket to cool down and reapply my makeup!!

hi jeanine

Everyone got into Matryoshka cosplays with us and we all did a mini-photoshoot by the windows!
while waiting for our turn, we started messing around with Julia's ponytails... HAHAHAHA

Then she called us over to get pics of our cosplays *3* !!!
Julia shouted "WAIT!" and then snap snap snap snap. She really liked the way the sun through the curtains were on my face and omgggg *o*

we mostly took photos on the windowsil hehehe. My face straight on is really round t.t

super cutieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We all hung out around the con, eventually finding this awesome spot to do a bigger photoshoot in!!! Photos by Julia!!

Group photo!!! (L: Victoria as ZEBRA, Me as LEN, Julia as MIKU, Jeanine as GUMI, Chong as RIN, Tonya as HASHIYAN)

in between shots we just kinda mess around LOL

Jeanine teaching me yoga poses while Julia shot Tonya and Victoria LOLLL


Chong and I got dressed in our Haruhi Suzumiya cosplays for Day 2! Jeanine, Julia, and Victoria were Matryoshka today again *3*

Juriaaaaaaaaaaa and Victoriaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Her Zebra makeup was sooooo cool *o*

JEANINE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!

Then Julia snapped us!!!

All of us headed out to the con to expore/split up and enjoy!

We ended up getting stopped... A LOT LOL! I remember Chong and I got separated for photos because some people wanted solo shots of us both... and when I turned around to talk to Chong, this is what I saw....


ahhh this looked so awesome in person!!!!

Hehe! She was super sweet and made an amazing Rosalina *___*

I was really happy to see a bunch of obscure series being cosplayed too, wao wao wao!!

Like Summer Wars!!!

Aaaaand Kuragehimeeeeeeeeee!!

We went to grab some danger dogs, and next to us was a Madoka photoshoot! Morning Rescue bros in the back! hahaha

Here are some shots we found of ourselves posted up on flickr ;o; !!

Space Channel 5 cosplays!!! hehe they were being interviewed and I wanted to ask for photos, but I figured I'd just take a pic instead ;v; this guy was really nice and posed for me hahaha!

da besssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

After eating our lunch we went outside again (I think to go meet up with Julia and friends for a photoshoot in our room!) when we got stopped by the Morning Rescue bros!!! They wanted to take a pic with us doing the Haruhi end pose, but we didn't practice them and our legs were SOOOOO sore from our Matryoshka cosplays, so we ended up looking a big awkward sorry ;w; my skirt was too tight so I couldn't really bend down anyways....

Met up with Julia and them at the usual squat spot taking fotooooosss.

Nick and Tonyaaa!


Ate breakfast at Denny's for Day 3!

So good... always... everywhere LOL

Came back and Julia + Jeanine were getting ready in Vocaloid!!

So cuteee ~~~~~!!!

Today I wore my Princess Sakura costume and had trouble walking around the con center aughh LOL!! idk how people manage to get around with bulky costumes....

There was a guy taking a "360" shot of me with his iPad but it didn't turn out so well..... I was really embarrassed so I kept laughing but these shots were still cute!

Changed back into our Haruhi cosplays and ran around for the rest of the night!!

Pretty Jeanineeee!

For dinner we ate at a Japanese restaurant that was super good *q* Chong and I shared a dinner bento.

The next morning it was time for us to head home TT___TT it's always so sad leaving LA because I only get to see my friends once a year, but AX makes it worth the wait!! Bye for now!

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