23 June 2011

New York: SoHo and Times Square

We wanted to hit up a lot of the shops in SoHo today but ended up taking the super long R line ahhh!! Stopped at Union Square for food. There wasn't any omurice at St Marks (I'll have to learn how to make that for Shane hmmm) So we went for pasta instead!
There were a lot of cool buildings and graffiti, but I didn't take a lot of photos. The first image in this entry is probably my favorite though. :) 
 Shane brought his Yashica electro 35, and I brought Amelia (my rebel xsi), my point-and-shoot, and Chong's polaroid camera (thank you for letting me borrow it!!). We spent some time going over the polaroids and chatting at starbucks. 
Making airplanes :)
SoHo was amazing! Topshop, H&M, ALLSAINTS, and UNIQLO! It was huge! They had a giant Bumblebee statue and the Haruki Murakami collab! I really wish we had a Uniqlo in Seattle, or if this one could deliver online. Maybe someday. 
Our OOTD today. c:

We asked around for the Haruki Murakami collab tees, and found out that there was only one left. and Shane gave it to me ;__; ahhh jeez!
I'll remember this forever (LMAO). Thank you so much 

We shopped around some more and Shane decided on a "Sunday Sweethearts" mickey and minnie tee. It looked so good on him. TT__TT I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse...
It was night time by now, so we met up with Kayla in Times Square to see more tourist spots!

 Ahhh this bear was so cute!! I kinda wanted it...
there's a theme here LOL
Got dessert after shopping! What do our froyos say about us, I wonder...

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