04 April 2011

Con Report: Sakuracon 2011

Sakuracon this year was such a blast! I not only finished one of my dream cosplays, but I got to spend it with my wonderful friends the whole entire time ;w; gahhh so much love for these guys. This year none of us could afford hoteling, so my classmate Seth invited us to stay at his apartment this year, and we would all walk together to and from the con! It was a bit of a challenge in where we could rest and what we could bring, but we were all able to make it work and we had a ton of fun!!


Julia flew in from Cali 2 days before the con, so I offered for her to stay at my place until it was time for her to check-in at her hotel :)! Chong and I were still finishing up some last-minute accessories, so Julia helped us a lot with painting them ;v; wahhhh she's so talented idek how.... She free-handed the white designs on our Magnet headphones, and even made the gold pieces for my Sakura cosplay... seriously, idk what I would've done without her beautiful accessorymaking skills!! Thank you sososososo much! I had to go to school on Thursday, so while I was in class, Julia stayed at home and worked on last-minute prep. When I got back, Chong came over and we all piled into my mom's car and headed downtown! Dropped Julia off, and then my mom dropped Chong and I off at Seth's place, where I met his friends Annika, Kylie and her boyfriend Jacob! They were really nice wahhh ;v; !!

Seth, Julia and I cosplayed Fai, Syaoran, and Sakura (respectively) from Tsubasa reservoir Chronicles this Sakuracon, and we all managed to pitch in help on each other's costumes, which made it really special. I made Seth's Fai costume, but we needed to add a lot of last-minute accessories together!

Here was our progress so far Thurs night! (Or... Friday morning... I don't remember qvq omg)


Okay so this morning we... woke up SO STRANGELY LOL!!! It was daylight out, and Chong, Liz, and I were sleeping in Seth's room with everyone else outside when.... SETH AND ANNIKA BURST INTO THE ROOM MAKING PTERODACTYL NOISES. We were all sooooo confused and disoriented hahaha!!! It was ridiculous and hilarious at the same time but omg LOL I didn't even know what was going on.... I guess that was our wakeup call haha!

The aftermath of last night's final costume finish push!

Liz helping Chong putting on the headphones they all worked so hard on!! The only thing I helped with really was scaling the butterfly wings and making the stencils to cut out the craft foam with, and helping buy the materials and stuff... Chong and Liz are amazing ;__; !

Seth helping Kylie with her hair!

Beautiful hair babes xoxoxoxoxo


Getting all of our costumes on and ready to go, we started walking to the convention center together! A lot of people stared, but quite a few people asked "where's the wedding?!" which was kind of sweet and funny at the same time.. it looks really similar to a wedding dress LOL I had to lift up my skirt and petticoat a bit because it kept threatening to trip me ahhh ;(!!!

Once we got to the con we kept getting stopped and ahhh ;v; so many people complimented our costumes -- it made both of us sooooo sosososo happy!

Here's a shot of Seth and I! My face was twitching at this point because we had to keep the pose for awhile @__@!

Then we met up with Julia and her friend Erica, who shot our photos!! Thank you!!

uwah ;v; !!!


Took a break to take in the pretty magnolias around us!!!

Headphones *o*!!


After photoshoots and stuff we roamed around the con checking out all the cosplays and meeting up with friends!

Suddenly it was dark @__@ !! Time really flies. Pretty pretty Chong again!!

CCS cosplayers wahhh !!!!


I really want a korilakkuma kigurumi ;w; with a matching.... rilakkuma kigurumi... for boy.....


Fae as a gorgeoussssssss wedding dress Yuna!!

K-ON! ♥



Today I changed into Luka with Chong and Liz as Miku and Meiko again!! We briefly met up with our friend Ben, who was playing games in one of the TCG rooms. :0 !

Walked around the Dealer's Hall for awhile!



They were so cute!! hehehe

Went around taking more photosssss!!

I got a shot of Erica and her bf in Outlaw Star cosplays ;o; she's such a gorgeous Melfinaaaaaa!!!

Another shot of Liz's headphones! We're all so proud of them gah Q___Q

Julia took photos of us by these gorgeous trees!! Thank youuuu!!


then we went inside for more photos LOL!!!!


Kind of awkwardly got creeped on, briefly, by this one dude.... all of us.....T___T

After taking photos we roamed around the con center some more looking for people to take photos of~

Haha they were cute! Link and Guy!


These two siblings were super kind and very friendly!!! We spent a while chatting with them hehe!


Found Airika in her Haruko cosplay!!!

Monica and Mike!

An absolutely gorgeouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssss Sakura cosplayer *__* her costume was just... I'm so in awe and inspired still ;__; !!

It's become tradition for us to all spend one night during the con eating a nice meal, so we ate at the Cheesecake Factory :)!

yumyumyum *o*


Last day! Chong and Liz taking a selfie while I was getting ready hehehe.

Super cute FFXIII group!!

Starbucks, as always.

There was a very handsome Syaoran at the DH!! I was really flustered when they complimented my cosplay haha ;///;

Went out to take shots of Seth, despite my lens being broken TT___TT!!

vogue vogue vogue

Nick as Tsukasa ;o;!! So handsome!!

That's all! See you next year :)!

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