13 February 2011

Through the night and wading through these lights

We always wonder about the stars.

Pockets of light. Glistening drops of compacted dust. Holes in the sky, leading to the infinite Universe.

Be we, too, are the Universe.


We are all pieces of a greater whole and we hold ourselves together with love.


“Love is what I need to help me know – my name.”

Is love the glue we hold ourselves by?

Or is it life?


Universe is life, life is in the Universe, we live, and we are in the Universe. It only logically concludes to me that we, being alive and life being the Universe, are too – the Universe.

But love is not logical, illogical is love, and this is a logical conclusion. Life without love, however, is not life at all. But we are all connected in and with love.

Lights are logical, though. Lightbulbs, streets, the sun and the stars. Holes in the sky that we hold to us dear. Glistening drops. Little pockets of compacted spacedust.

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