14 October 2010

Wallace Falls 2010

Old photos from an old hike :)! We left very early in the morning, and truth be told I think I was asleep when my friends came to pick me up... sorry!! I brought hot chocolate in a giant thermos as an apology. ;__;

Wallace Falls State Park consists of a very easy, leisure hike up in Gold Bar, WA. At the very peak of the hike is Wallace Falls, with an incredible view of the rest of the park, spanning acres and acres of trees.

The drive down was incredibly foggy! We started getting nervous and made a ton of Silent Hill jokes, but that made everything worse! haha

 I really love going to new trails and seeing what's written at the beginning. Always humbled.

We met an adorable furry friend at a rest point. So gorgeous and fluffyyyyyy!

While we stopped to eat lunch at the rest point, one of our classmates ran into us and sat down with us for a chat! It was a really pleasant surprise, because we haven't seen him since graduation. After we finished eating, we continued walking.

It was really warm by the time we made it to the top, despite the autumn breeze, so a few of us were in t-shirts haha. All in all it was a super chill morning + afternoon trip. :)

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