04 June 2010

PROM! 2010

woke up at 8AM... omg. I couldn't go back to sleep either!!!

So I sat at my computer reading manga until 10AM. =___=. Nhat called, and told me that he just bought his suit.. and that he's having trouble finding a tie the right color.. ASD;LFHALJFGHFHFGH.

Khoa came over around this time, and I set up KH2 for him while I took a shower hahahaha. Nhat was texting him at this time, and it turned out Khoa was wearing a sweater with the exact same color as the turquoise on my dress... John came right as Nhat drove over to pick up Khoa (to choose the tie), and John ended up going with them hahahaha. I decided to straighten my hair at this time, and when they came back they haddd...

McDonald's! And the tie! And John shared his fries with me, wooooooo. There was nothing to worry about now, so we just played KH2 and Yu-Gi-Oh for awhile hahaha.

Deep concentration.

 Jordan came over tooooo, and I went to the flower shop with my mom to pick up Nhat's boutonniere and my corsage. Came back, and I started getting ready right awayyyy.

Khoa painted my nails lol....

After Khoa was done, he and Nhat headed back to their houses to get ready for prom. John and Jordan brought their suits with them, so they kept playing Yu-Gi-Oh. I watched as they got facerolled by this really OP snail LOL. Then I put on my makeup and finished straighteniing my hair (only to find that I had an ahoge -__- ohhhh my gosh it took forever to get it to sit down flat. I mean, it was sticking STRAIGHT up.)
Smokey + dark eyelinerrr!
Eventually, Franco came, and we were all ready. I printed out 5 sets of directions for all the drivers, and we headed over to Chong's house for photoooos. It was raining a little when we got there T___T
The parents/cousins/siblings were already taking photos, and it was super chaotic.. not all of our group was there but the parents didn't really care/listen. blahh. Oh well. I tried taking photos of people, but everyone was doing their own thing so I just gave it to Shari and Suzanne's cousin. lol
Rita and Michaelll.


The twins and Liz!!! SOOOO BEAUTIFUL ;A;


Eric and his mom! hehehe.

All the girls! :)

They told us to pose like this hahaha.


The real them hahaha.

And even more real them lol...

After the group photos were done, we headed down into the backyard to take more. The sun was kind of peaking out (but not really) and it started to drizzle a little. e___e

♥ ♥ ♥!!!!

Lots of people!


It's raining -- THUMB'S UP.

Chong's dress was very lovely~~~ 

FINALLY, Jae, Khoa, Geoff, Joe and Nhat made it back. :D

lol Geoff's shoes.

We all got ready for a (almost complete) group photo hahahaha.

THEN. We had time to put on the corsage and boutonnière lol..

I've become pro at this. lol... ugh, the back of my hair!

Very dashing. :)

Closeup! It matched sooooo perfectly ;A;

It was now time to go to the high school for our professional photos, but -- somehow between getting into the house from the backyard, shoes, getting to the front door -- it started POURING. Not a drizzle, but hard. core. torrential DOWNPOUR. omg. It was terrible. Chong behind me started talking about if my feet were okay, and I was so confused until she told me to look at them. My right foot was bleedingg. I don't know how it happened, but somehow I got cut pretty bad T___T so I had to get a band-aid from Chong's mom, race to Michael's car and SOMEHOW get in while balancing on wet dirt and slippery rocks. In 2-3inch heels. Nightmareeee. ): My cream shoes were muddy and bloody hahahha (not too much, it all came off with napkins.) Gahhhhhh. And for some reason, EVERYONE pretty much signed up for appointment photos (i.e. coming at 5PM at the high school instead of getting photos at the EMP itself during prom.) and even though I signed up for 5:15PM, we didn't get our photos taken til 6:15PM because no one was following their appointment schedules. ): Sooooo stupid. After everyone was done we drove down to The Westin AND TRAFFIC WAS SOOOOO BAD! AHH! And it kept raining!!! DDDD: so it was really bad! But we remained in good spirits with Journey lol.

Torrential raaaaaaaaain.

Made it in one piece! --- half an hour late....

Our semi-private area! :)

Joe's so impressed. A single tear rolls down.

Table of man.

The table behind ours~ Waleed lost in Khoa's eyes.

butter balls. bahahahhaha

This was my dinner. so good omggggggg.

Creme brulee!


My mousse! As you can see, each dessert plate was completely different but equally beautiful. I was so blown away ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The night continued at the venue, which was at the Seattle EMP. The place was AMAZING at night! Cool light fixtures EVERYWHERE and the dance floor was backdropped by a ginormous screen of different colored light patterns. *____* We got to walk around the place and play with all the music-oriented activities. We didn't dance much though, because my group's not... the dancing type... hahahaha. but it's all good. :) Was a wonderful prom indeed.

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