21 June 2010

Graduation BBQ!

Listening to: "Road (길)" - G.O.D.

It's the first day of Summer!!! YAY!!!!! Franco's Grad BBQ was todaaaaaaay. Woke up at 9:45AM. Lazed around getting ready hahahaha.

Franco's house is 2-3 streets down from mine, so I just walked over. It wasn't windy, so my hair survived ahahahaha. When I walked down his street, Nhat and Franco were riding a bike and scooter, and Joe was parking his car. I couldn't see who it was so I asked Franco -- "Who's that? Is that your dad?" Woops. LOL Sorry Joe. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

After I tried on Franco's size 6 rollerskates and rode around with Nhat, we started grilling the food. Jacob came over soon after I got there.

There were mini steaks and chicken wings...


and squid. hahahahaha.

Nhat, as usual.

If you look closely, you'll see that Franco's patio is extremely slanted hahahaha. Apparently it's to prevent flooding... but... how often does that happen here? Oh well, prepared is good.


Burnt on the outside...uncooked on the inside. Mmmmmmm.

No knives... meat cookie. hahahahaha

Once we all had our fill, Nhat, Jacob, and I made runs to get Xboxes and rent a movie for us all to watch. First stop was Nhat's house, and while the boys went inside to get the console, I played with his dogs and chickens.

They were soooooooooo cute TAT

Nhat's dog, Lily. She kept barking, but she was really friendly hahahahaha. I couldn't switch out my lens fast enough to catch a better pic of her. D; next time!

Then Nhat let me go inside the cage, but....

I accidentally let one out ;___; lol.... sorry!

I didn't get to hold the dark brown one, but he said this one is the friendliest. Future reference, hohohoho. I also got to feed them grass, and one flew up to my hand and bit me... hahaha. It didn't hurt that much, just surprised me.

Next we headed over to Jacob's house and grabbed Guitar Hero/Rock Band stuff. He also had a dog (who was super super friendly) so I got to play with him while I talked to his parents hahaha. His dad remembered me as the one who took photos for Jacob's Halo Tourney a while back, so that was cool. :DDD Went to Albertsons and rented Alice and Wonderland, and came back to Franco's house.

They started playing UFC, which with this group, was pretty entertaining to watch. LOL

Severe beatdowns occured, and we decided to play Guitar Hero and Rockband.

Franco, Jacob, and Nhat playing Disturbed's "Down With The Sickness" lol...

Surprisingly, Franco was really good at it. Obviously practices this song somehow.

Hula-hooping again ahahaha.

Then we all went outside to play/watch them play with the hula-hoops.

John getting his rhythm on.

Not sure what happened, but they were playing human horseshoe for a while hahahahahahaha.

Round two of BBQ!

Kari came during the video game playingggg.

We sat around talking about college, and friends, hang outs, senior project, school, and just anything else. It was really great being able to hang out with my friends again, even if it wasn't all of us. :) Franco's mom and sister were really nice, always asking if we needed anything hahahahhaa.

His mom made us jello!

and mango pudding! It was so good ;A; bawwwwwwww. But I couldn't eat a lot because of how much milk was used... sigh...

We all cleaned up, and pulled out around 11PM. With the exception of John, it's nice that most of us lived so close, so we were all able to stay out as late as we did. hahahaha. All within two miles of each other.

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