14 May 2010

Today my friend asked a girl to prooom!! He was really excited during lunch, and asked me to help him with the roses ahahahahaha. He just bought 5 without any wrapping or anything =__=;; but luckily he had wrapping paper and I had ribbons. (I swear if I had let myself, I would've bought 30947503495 ribbon spools at this one Michaels sale... stopped myself though. D; )
Mai helped me with the wrapping because it wasn't a square e___e I did the bow and the finishing look though!! hehe.

I want to take a Flower Arrangement class....

The teddie bear he got for herrrrr.

There was so much hype during lunch, and in my clumsiness, I spilled his vase full of water... on Liz ;____________________; I'M SO SORRY AUGHHH DON'T PUT OPEN WATER CONTAINERS NEAR ME THEY ALWAYS FALLLLLLLLLLL.

He asked her during 6th period, so he was texting me the play by play hahahaha. When I got to my desk I found this:

Thank you mysterious flower-writer. :) That made my day hehe. (It said "poo" instead of "you" earlier so I changed it =___= someone in a class after this person thought it'd be funny. I think a boy sits in my seat in 5th or something.)
Then I got kinda creative hahahaha.

After school I went to meet up with Khoa and Franco, and Franco told me what's up. Turns out she asked to tell him her answer later :/... which is, you know... neither a yes or a no, but most likely a no. I sat with him in the library while Suzanne and I talked about our South Korea social studies poster assignment, and I let him listen to my iPod. Eventually we got kicked out of the library (since it's a Friday), but Rita came to school! We sat out in the sun in front of the school and talked about prom, and catching up with each other. :) I showed her some of my drawings that I've been working on hehehe. Franco ran off to talk to a teacher, while Ben hung out with us for a bit until he had to go see our english teacher.

Rita had to leave, and so did Ben. Eventually Franco came back and I figured we might as well go to Joe's house to hang out and play video games or something. Except when we got there I forgot his console broke D; we ended up going to Pochi's with Jae instead! haha.

On our way there, however... Franco got a TEXT from her... ); Needless to say, it was a good thing we were all hanging out together more.

I've never been to the Pochi's by our house, so it was really cool hanging out there for the first time. 

Hot taro milk tea ♥ Always get this hahaha.

It was really nice just sitting, talking, playing jenga and cards. Around 6 or so Jae dropped us off at our houses. I ended the day with a drama, so it was all goood. :>

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