28 May 2010

Prom shopping (again!) + Makeup haul

Started off my day with a delicious breakfast and a well-rested self. :) my mom made me pancakes, and I suggested strawberries and nutella -- so she added those too! It was SOOOOOOOOOO good!! ♥.
She made the pancakes and put the strawberries IN the pancakes!! ahhh, so cool!!

The finished piece. ♥ Put some whipped cream to top it all off. :) 

I should've put powdered sugar too! Reminiscent of my love for strawberry nutella crepes. 

Liz and I went to the mall today to shop for my prom makeup. I was gonna go alone at first, but I am. so. very. glad. That I asked Liz to come with me. As soon as we walked into Sephora I realized just how makeup retarded I am... I had no idea what did what and what was good LOOOOOOOOOOL. At one point Liz was looking at eyeliners and there were. so. many. different. kinds. I just. I died a little on the inside HAHAHAHAHA. I wrote down a bunch of stuff I needed that a makeup tutorial suggested, and I got most of it except an eyelash curler, powder, and gel eyeliner. Next time!

On our way to Sephora we ran into Kevin. Or rather... I saw Kevin on the other side of the way and made this really awkward U-turn and swift-walk to catch up with him ahahahaha. Much awkwardness ensued thereafter.

After I bought my stuff we headed over to Daiso on a whim. I ended up buying cups, mugs, glasses for my mom as a late Mother's Day present. She doesn't tell me what she wants so I never know what to get her. :( She always talks about fixing up the house though, and I've/Nibbles/my mom has dropped quite a number of cups and glasses in our time.. I also got a new memo pad and more stationary for my pen pal.

It was raining hard today, but when we went outside to get to Red Mango, the rain had stopped!
Liz pointed out the raindrops on the leaves, but I didn't bring my DSLR so I couldn't zoom in clearly haha. Still kinda pretty if you full view, though.

When we got to Red Mango, the workers were in the back. You can see into the back past the FroYo machine, and one of the workers (who's in our grade) was dancing really funny to the song playing... and they didn't notice us until we started laughing bahahahahaha.
The usual~~ ahahahahaha.

We were basically done shopping, and sat at the Food Court to eat our froyo and pocky, and drink our Calpicooooo.
It's all strawberry-flavored... hahaha. Unintentional.

I always see this at H-Mart and other asian stores -- and so has Liz -- so we decided to try it out. Pretty good! But very sweet ahahaha. I'll try other flavors -- I kinda would've liked if it was carbonated, but that's okayyy. Delicious nonetheless.


Ran into Kayla, Molivan, Dana, and Aneka. Or again, rather... Kayla told me they'd be at the mall before I left for the mall. And it happened that they were still hanging out at the Food Court at the same place we were gonna sit. So Liz and I sit down far away from them and I call Kayla ahahahaha. They kept staring at me the whole time and texting me to stop staring T__T! Pshhh. We talked about corsages and boutonnières for a bit and decided I'd go with them to the Flower shop and help them with it ahahahaha. 

Mooched a ride back home from Kayla. Liz and I spent the next hours looking at Bubzbeauty's Youtube videos *_______* and I got really inspired to try on my makeup, but in the end I never did ahahaha. (I get distracted so easily.)

Liz stayed for dinner, and we facebook'd and did random misc. computer stuff.

My mom made torta with eggplant! For a time I've liked eggplant for it's taste, and disliked it heavily for its texture (I literally gag and choke on it. My gag reflexes are really sensitive.) But I really wanted to give it a shot again. Smaller bites help! hahaha. 

As for my makeup haul, here's what I got:

Such a cute bag! My first Sephora experience, ahahahaha!

I'm not a big fan of lipstick; I prefer the shine that lip gloss gives me with my natural lip color. :) My lips are pretty pink to begin with, so lipstick often feels like overkill. Bought the Pink Ballerina color. It smells like really rich French Vanilla ice cream, I guess. Some kind of dessert hahaha. $10

Nano Midnight Black Pencil Liner. I watched Liz test out the pencils on her finger.. had nooooo idea what was good or bad ahahaha. $5

Shimmer Eyeshadow in Wedding Day. Couldn't find a white one, so Wedding Day was the closest hahaha. $12

Atomic Volume mascara. Liz said that because I had full, fairly long eyelashes already, I should get this one to lengthen. $14

All in all $45. :) Not bad, not bad. I'm hopefully gonna try them all out tomorrow.

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