30 May 2010

Kidnapped.... again.

Woke up to find Kayla's foot on my back... smacked each other around with pillows until we finally rolled, paused, then rolled more out of bed. hahahaha

Kayla's mom made us pho! We were munching on toast before though, but there was waaaaaay too much for one person to finish... hahahaha. 

was delicious with hoisin sauce ♥.

Kayla had to go to a friend's house to work on an English project, so she dropped me off at home. Right before we got into the car I got a phone call from Michael asking if I wanted to join a Brawl/Mario Kart party at his house in half an hour, but I was too tired so I declined haha.

Opened the door to my house and smelled the most delicious thing everrrrr.



Offered Kayla some, then she was oooooooff. Started writing my blog entries and laying in bed (my mom went out to watch a movie with Misha).

Then I got another phone call from Michael... and he was outside my house with Khoa. lol... I made them take out my recycling in return for this forced-hanging out/kidnapping (I seem to get kidnapped a lot, what is this.)

Stopped by one of Michael's houses (he has two in the same city wth hahaha) to grab the extra Wii remotes.
then they start climbing onto the roof...
and just going crazy HAHA.

and Eric being awesome, as usual.

this guy was pretty cool too. Did a running start and "cleared" the fence.

Eric didn't but good try hahaha...

Khoa and I convinced Michael to drive us to John's house to pick him up -- but due to an incident at the beach that soaked his cell phone, we had no way of contacting him beforehand. No big deal, since he's like always home playing WoW.

Khoa and I ended up running up to his front door, and the person that answered was... his mom or aunt... LOL. She let us come in and it was super quiet in the living room. His grandparents were there, and his dad too maybe.. or maybe it was his uncle.. they were very nice though, and she showed us where John's room was. But there was no John. Me, Khoa, and John's mom/aunt just stood there and Khoa and I panicked in this awkwardness. She offered for us to wait for him, but we said that we'll just come back another time and thanked them for letting us come in to see if John was there.

After we left the house we booked it to the car "AHHHHHH"ing out the awkwardness we just experienced. That still lasted until the next morning hahaha. SOOOO AWKWARD.

Got to Michael's house and we played Mario Partyyyyyyyy. I've never played it, but I ended up getting the high dice rolls (10's and 8's average) and winning a few mini-games here and there. 

They were all super pumped about this game. 

Trevor ended up taking off his hoodie because he was so pumped bahahahahaha.

The guys.

and Khoa!

We had 3 stars to their 1, but they had a lot more coins. And somehow, in the very last turn, they were able to steal one of our stars T____T so they won hahaha.

I had to cut Laura's hair at 7PM, so I left around 5:30PM to go back home and grab my stuuuuufff. Didn't take many pictures but she loved it! :'D I felt very special hahahaha.

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