10 May 2010

A nice day outttt!

For the past two days, I've been home alone while my mom is on a business trip. 

DAY 1:

Yesterday I was trying to make dinner for myself. I went to check the rice (hoping it would be empty so I could make some) and there was still rice in there.... being MOLDY. Green-blue spuds everywhere and it smelled baaaaaad. I quickly shut it and move to the fridge. I remembered my mom made pansit for a birthday party (what I forgot was that the birthday party was last Saturday). I remove the tinfoil and look at the pansit.... MOLDY again. So I have to throw it away. I come back to the counter and see my container of phở.... MOLDY MOLDY MOLDY. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I ended up making pastaroni, which is deliciousssss. It was all nice and ready, and I had leftover french bread from the night before -- so I started cutting some. I used our new Cutco serrated knife, so it was super sharp. The bread was a little hard, and I had to use a bit of force. You can imagine the outcome of being cooking-impaired with a sharp blade.... While I was slicing a piece, I cut into my finger.. it didn't graze it like I've done in the past -- it was actually pretty deep TT____TT and it bled A LOT. I started losing feeling for a few minutes after applying pressure, but eventually it stopped. t.t I changed the bandaid today but it's bled through now.

DAY 2:

Today! woo! I woke up to the sun shining suuuper brightly through my shades :) ♥ ♥ ♥ That's my favorite way to wake up, seriously. Except it was 6:30AM and there was no school today... hahaa. Slept in til 10AM, took a shower, made breakfast:
omnomnomnom. One of the few things I can make without messing up bahaha. Buttered toast with fried egg. :)

I surveyed my kitchen and realized that I didn't have too much variety in my meal choice... frozen pizza-flavored things (hot pockets, pizza rolls), hot dogs, tortillas, ramen, and mac&cheese. Also hamburger helper and more pastaroni butuhh.. yeah. hahaha. Most of the cooking utensils/pans/pots are dirty too, so I need to do that as well. Figured since it's such a nice day, I'll walk to Alb. and buy more food. :DDDD

It was really relaxing, with my City Sidewalks playlist playing quietly. I've been better now about the volume on my earphones. I used to always play it quietly, then senior year hit and I just didn't want to listen to people's lies -- so I turned it up. Now, sometimes and very briefly, my hearing in one of my ear goes out or the inside of my ear gets this really sharp pain.. it's kinda scary. LOL The weather was beautiful today, if not for the wind... so my hair was messed up and I kept trying to fix it every 5 seconds and dufhljfhsdjfhalkdjf.

I ended up buying tofu miso mix, salsa, cheese slices (grilled cheese sandwich), bread, tortilla chips, chicken noodle soup, strawberries, andddd maybe something else too... I can't remember hahaha. I've been meaning to make chocolate-covered strawberries, but I'm always busy and then the strawberries go bad. -___-;;

I get tired easily from walking, and I was wearing wedges (lol gj self), so before I walked back home I stopped by this coffee shop. I'm a Starbucks kid, so I didn't know what to order otherwise... and since I'm not much of a coffee person anyways, I ordered a watermelon italian soda. It happened to be Happy Hour when I went, so my order was $2.74 (w/o tax the drink is $2.75). :D!

First time having it. SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD.

I was sitting outside for maybe 10 minutes, enjoying the breeze. But it got cold really fast since the area was shaded lol... so I moved inside where it was nice and cozy. Grabbed a seat by the sun and read for a while. 

Here's the interior of the shop. Very aesthetic hahaha. :)

The mugs with the squiggles were so cute!

I think around 5:30PM I decided to walk back home. The wind was blowing in the direction where my hair parts, so I didn't have to worry about fixing it as I walked. LOL (that's what I think about when I walk. Where the wind is blowing.)
On my way I saw this cloud that reminded me of a viking ship. :> 

What my friends have dubbed Therapist Mailbox. lol.. I think it's super cute, really. All tucked and cozy in the bushes. I hope they never change it. :) 

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