14 April 2010

Portland JEA: Thursday, Day One

Today was our Portland trip down to the National Journalism Education (NJEA) convention. Had to wake up at 4:30AM =___=;;; the day before I stayed home sick, though, so I got a lot of rest in the meantime. Had to be at the school at 5:30AM, so got dressed and ate breakfast, etc. We got on the bus around 6AM? and oh god, I wanted to dieeee. Because we shared ONE BUS with HBN AND the EWHS Newspaper team, we had to bring our luggage onto the bus instead of storing it.... mine... didn't fit through the aisle....
I am a small, weak person so this did not go over well TT___TT everyone was staring and being like "Just lift it over your head" DO YOU THINK I CAN LIFT A SUITCASE OVER MY HEAD AND CARRY IT TO THE BACK. I also can only use one hand so even if I wanted to try, I wouldn't be able to lift it at all. Blahhh. After that walk of shame and embarrassment of 1,000 suns I sat next to Heidi, my mentee. We listened to k-pop on the way to King Street Station where we walked around for a bit inside. It was really pretty, but they put this ugly ceiling in front of the real ceiling... you can see the real ceiling in some areas and it's gorgeouuuuussss.

Hawkeye kids.

Amanda! Too early for this stuff. LOL

Constantly having clickclick wars.

Heidi makes awkward faces like me.

Finally our train came in!!! On the wayyyyy~~~

First train ride ever!!! I'm sure I looked ridiculous, because we were hurrying and I was just snapping away lalalalala.

Our seats were awesome! 4 seater, had a table. ♥ Everyone brought their laptops except for me, which was in my suitcase -____-;; they even brought portable internet OTL.

Our adviserrrrr.

Mac attackkkk


Working on her senior projectttt

Pretty sun was shining most of the trip~~~

♥ ♥ saved me, I was so thirsty *___*

People were getting food from the A La Carte, so I trekked through a bunch of passenger cars (some were empty, photoshoot did want bawwwww) filled with random people and journalism kids. The Carte was so coool ahhhh. but the lady was very snappy... e____e oh well.

We stopped here around Tacoma, or so?

It was rainingggggg~

This was surprisingly good! hahaha. breakfast sandwich :'DD

Wish the nice weather stayed with us around here... it was pretty.

The ceiling was cool. :'DD

I stayed in the carte eating my food, just talking with my friend Tanner. It was a very nice talk hahaha.

Went back to our car, but since more journalism kids got on, they filled up the empty cars. Something weird happened around here that Tanner told me later (he was walking a bit behind me). I don't like dawdling when I want to get someplace, and people make me nervous so I try to just zip through crowded areas without looking around. I heard people laughing but figured it was their conversations. However, when I passed through this one car and went on to the next, Tanner stopped me briefly. He told me that those people laughing only started laughing until I walked by T-T and they were looking at me as they were laughing. He figured maybe it was just coincidence but when HE walked to the end of the car (into the hallway between) and looked back, everyone in that car was looking at us and laughing..... and nothing was wrong with our clothes or anything. It was weird. :/ but whatever. lol

Trying to get signal. hahahaha. The view was absolutely gorgeouuuuusss @___@ but we moved too fast for me to get anything nice. So. It'll stay in my memory, ahhh. ♥

Megan, the exceptionally photogenic/posing beautifully without even posing- one. ;-;

I love her hairrrrr.

The desk. lol

"DUM. DUM. DUM. dum..... dum." this little girl was walking back and forth doing that. The whole trip. LOL

Woo! Almost thereeeee hahahaha.

Train arrived. yay!
Pretty light fixtures. I am loving train stations. *___*

Got our baggage and proceeded to leeeeeeeavee.
After we got our luggage, we made our way to a MAX station. First time learning of the MAX so it was coool! I was so surprised how it was free, and I didn't even realize it was free until the next day. LOL

A view of the train station. Colors look weird.. will fix later.

The clouds can still be grey with blue skies and sun haha..

Waiting with other schools.

Riding the Max!!!

After dropping off our stuff at the hotel, we decided to eat lunch before heading over to the convention. I haven't eaten at Red Robins in forever hahaha. Wasn't too hungry (or so I thought) and everything was kinda expensive so I got clam chowder~~


Shirley Temple. :) 

Headed over to the convention center for our keynote and introduction to the event! Woooo!! So, before NJEA, schools can submit a class photo to be displayed before the Keynote for everyone to see. I worked on ours for two days (I'll post it later when I get home) and spent sooo many hours working on it. I was really excited for them to show ours :'DDD

except... whoever organized the powerpoint, didn't factor in time lapses.... so ours only got displayed for 1 second. Literally. One. Second. It flashed and it was done. I was so sad. ): everyone was like "NOOOO WHAT THE HECK IS THIS" and patted me and gave me sad faces TT___TT but it's okay.. it's on FB OTLOTLOTLOTL. And possibly will be our staff photo for the yearbook?! hohohoho. (Our News Editor is the EIC of our yearbook hahaha. And the adviser always asks me for photoshop help. yeee connections.)

The Keynote was really long ahh... @__@ but informative. Some people are so rude though.. :/ Why bother coming if you'll just be disrespectful and make a bad name for your publication? Hmph. Oh well. 

I don't remember what we did after this... LMAO. I have more pictures but I can't add them at school right now. blahhh!

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