17 April 2010

Portland JEA: Saturday, Day Three

I woke up sick as a dog. ): Couldn't even sit up so I slept in with Heidi (we were both really sick, it was terrible).. and we missed our morning sessions D;. For a while we just rolled around drinking medicine and poppin' decongestants and I think I was on the computer for a little bit. Got a call from Maria asking when we're coming down, and if we all wanted to go get some grub~~

Before we hit the Awards Ceremony, Heidi, Maria, And I went to Red Robins (again) haha. 

This is an APPETIZER... jeez! Onion ring tower ♥

We got some burgahhhs and clam chowdahhh~~ when we walked in.. we saw a journalism kid... in an AKATSUKI CLOAK..... Wrong con, dude.

Maria had to duck out early for a session, I think.. Heidi and I met up with everyone else at the ceremony and it was great funnn... );

Mark took pictures of the lights haha. Looked cool with the chairs.

Our award. :) 5th in Best of Show our division.

With Lizzie~

There was rest-time (half an hour? haha) between the ceremony and heading downtown again, and this time I went! hehe. :)

The MAX is so coooooool. Mark trying to be hipster with his hat. lol.

Lizzie's pretty eyes :)

Gorgeous Megan. sigh~

I liked this even though her face is white. haha

Messing with the settings.

Loved the weather. ♥

Maria Mariaaaaa.

Eventually the MAX came and we rode for awhile. I wish we had something like that around here, it's so cool! I'm going to be riding the bus more often, I hope. Hahaha. It was just... such a relaxing experience watching everything pass you by with the sun shining. 

Walking up the steeeeps to the next bus stop.

Pretty designs. :)

Then we took the bus through _____. All these beautiful houses passed us by, as we rode through a ritzy neighborhood. *____* sighhh. Hit ____ finally and set out to do our stuuufff. (I'll put those in later lol...)

Waiting by .... something. I forgot ahh. Some people were hungry and some wanted to go walk around.

Lizzie bought a new bracelet. :D

Lens flareeeee.

Megan, Heidi, Maria, and I hit Buffalo Exchange and The Red Light District to look at clothesssss.

Then we split up since Heidi and I were still looking through Buffalo Exchange~ we ended up buying clothes too. :) we saw a froyo place back where we were earlier, so we headed over to go get some. On the way there was this crepe place, fhlsdkfjghslfkjghsdfg and me, a crepe-lover, wanted some. Unfortunately, they only had savory crepes, it was a sit-down cafe, and the crepes were like $9 - $11 D; sooo not worth it. 

We continued our trek to Swirl, hahaha. It was sooooooooooooooooo cool!!!
The different cup sizes. Later did we found out that the price is determined by the weight -- so weird!
Very popular for little kids hahaha.

The yogurt dispensers. They had a looooooooot of different flavors, but I just stuck with original hahaha.

Heidi deciding which size.
Cereal dispenser!! This place was so aesthetically pleasing I wanted to stay foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ); But it was completely filled with journalism kids... 

What I got ♥ Original with chocolate chips, strawberries, and gummy bears. :)

Close up~

Heidi's! She went pretty crazy hahahahaha.

After we got our froyo, we walked over to the ice cream shop where Mrs. D and Lizzie were sitting, and just sat and chatted for awhile. Heidi kept asking me about Woo hahaha. So I told her the storyyy.~

Then it was time to gooooooo. Heidi and I were pretty much done, and so were Mrs. D and Maria, so we started walking back to the bus stop.

Oregonians. hahaha.

While we waited for the bus, there was a prom going on across the street hahaha. It was so cute! Seeing all the girls' dresses... sigh~~~

On the bus there was this funky old man shouting out his business to the world. It was actually really amusing, and reminds me now of the characters in Edisto. Very loud, boisterous folk with their Southern-like ways tellin' their girls to hurry on up the bus and the girls shouting back "Quit yappin' I'm comin'!" A lot of times I feel like I could write a novel about my experiences, and even more times I almost do. We'll see. haha.

I'll add in the quotes later~~
♥ ♥ ♥ Just for reference, this is my favorite sky. :) My favorite color/combination blue. In summer, it's at around 4AM.

Back on the MAX. Good night! 

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