16 April 2010

Portland JEA: Friday, Day Two

I was really sick today... but I didn't know what to do so I went to everything anyways ;__;

Woke up at 8AM to get ready for our 9AM sessions (didn't make it in time hahaha) so we went to Starbucks for breakfast. I had to walk slow because I was really dizzy ahhh...

I've never had Naked OJ or Starbucks bagels... so this was such a pleasant surprise to find that they were both exceptionally delicious. :) I was really happy hahaha.

Mm-mm-mm. Hawaiian bagel with cream cheese. Subtly sweet ♥.

Lizzie, Amanda, Heidi, and I walked back to the convention center to make our 10AM sessions. I had 10 minutes to kill before mine started, so I sat by the huge windows in front of the ballroom. The sun was shining through which made it a really picturesque moment. Being able to rest after walking helped me out considerably (it's only a 5 minute walk, but in my condition it was killer hahaha...)

Made a friend while attending it, her name was Lizzie and she was from SoCal. :) We both cried during the session, too. ahhh. It was about the New Digital Media in Journalism (Blogs, Audiostreams, video blogs, digital photostories on websites, et al.) and how using them effectively can give power to a story, as seen in this series. I really recommend taking a look through it, though it is following the last few months of a woman dying of lung cancer -- just a warning to those sensitive about cancer and death (and who are easily moved to tears.. like me t.t)

After that I went to my next session, which was unfortunately full... It was about Typography/Fonts, Color, and how to use them effectively and correctly in design.... the room was packed all the way out the door :/... so I went to my second option which was "Honest to Blog?". The speakers were the bloggers from the One Dollar Diet Project that they started September 2008. It was surprisingly very informative and fun! Fun may be an exaggeration, but I loved hearing their story. Mmm, although I kept sneezing and still didn't feel well at all... blehh. It was packed and hot in there too @___@

I tried to go to a third session, but I really couldn't sit through another one.. I couldn't really think straight, and I did everything sluggishly... so I sat with Maria, Kayla, and Mr. DeMiero until the keynote at 1PM. I took a decongestant and Kayla gave me this eucalyptus thing to clear my sinuses (worked like woah, I was baffled. LOL)

mmm. So the keynote happened, and was really long. Towards the end of it, I felt really weird. All of a sudden, I got the most terrible headpain and stomachache that made me cry... it was really bad. I actually doubled over in my seat and I couldn't even sit back upright. Kayla gave me some Tylenol and I drank more water -- but it was so embarrassing ahh... Crying in front of people because of pain =___=;;. After the keynote I went back to the hotel and rested, took a nap for 40 minutes or so until my 4PM write-off competition. When I woke up I was feeling worse than ever, now with coughing and dizzy again, feeling like I was gonna throw up... but I went to my write-off anyways because I TOOK IT LIKE A WOMAN AND BEAT THE PAINnotreally.

Luckily my competition was in the same ballroom as my first session, so finding it was no biggie. However... I sat in Newswriting by accident. LOL Usually in competitions Newswriting, Editorial Writing, and Editorial Cartooning share the same presentation but this time there were 4 or 5 write-offs going on in the ballroom. I didn't see the signs so I almost got stuck where I was.... hahaha. When I found the right section (it wasn't far from where I was at all) I sat next to this really sweet girl which calmed my nerves. :) I later found out that that was her first-ever Write-Off! Ahhh, memories hahaha. During the competition I almost fainted lol.... my body was overheating and my vision was blacking out like it does in situations where the room is crowded and hot... but when I took off my jacket I felt a lot better.

I thought I did my very best, considering the circumstances I was in... though I had planned to buy new lining pens before I left for Portland, my inking wasn't the best I could've done... and I lent my best lining pen to a girl who didn't have one to write for her article... I know that's not smart to do, but I didn't want her to get marked down by having splotchy penmanship. :T

The rest of the day I just slept... I couldn't really find strength to even get up at some points, so I talked with my friend until I fell asleep...

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