29 April 2010

Old stomping grounds: PT I

Today was a good day! After school a few of us went to our old elementary school, but they stopped allowing visitors before 3PM. :/ and it was 2:15PM so we're going to go tomorrow.. hahaha. But Khoa and I (childhood friends since 3rd grade) decided to walk home using the path we did since we graduated.

I don't remember ever making past 5ft....
"The old path" as we've called it. It's this really cool walkway that's covered all around by trees. The coolest way to go back in gradeschool! hahaha.

Even in elementary, Khoa walked faster than I did hahaha. I've always been a slow walker/runner... always. 

"It looks like the entrance to an enchanted forest... except for the graffiti." - Khoa

I LOVED walking into this and out of this place growing up. Probably why I'm so fascinated by canopies and dirt trails/park trails. :)

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