22 May 2021

Ferns and fittonias pt. II

The sun looked really nice dappled all over the ferns, so I took some photos of them in their new pot. 
I like these long rectangular pots for now, but I'm quickly running out of space to put everything.
The dieffenbachia won't stop growing, which is a good problem to have, isn't it? My mom told me that it's almost as old as I am -- maybe even older. It was a cutting off of her old boss' already large plant back when I was a kid, and it's been getting taller with me.
There's something about it's incredibly large leaves that are so comforting. I'm glad I got thicker support stakes for it.
Repotting is very therapeutic -- though a bit messy. Good thing we have hardwood floors. :p

20 May 2021

Ferns and fittonias

I've been feeling a bit more confident with my plant care, so I decided to venture out and get some new additions to my little apartment garden. The one in the back is an austral gem fern, also known as a hen & chicken fern, parsley fern, or a mother spleenwort.
Indirect and partial sun plants will probably thrive the best in our apartment, especially here when cloudy days are all we have sometimes. This one is a lemon button fern, known by quite a few names. My favorites are fishbone fern, kupukupu, and ladder fern.
This one is a fittonia, also known as a nerve plant, mosaic plant, and painted net leaf. My mom liked this one in particular for the striking reds against the greens.

We also bought a rex begonia that I didn't get a chance to photograph today, so I'll try to get better shots of it later. :)

12 May 2021

More photos of our hosta's flower! Oh, it's gorgeous.
The new leaves are growing beautifully as well.

11 May 2021

Our hosta is blooming!! ahhh!!!